Netherlands: Asylum authorities failed to take into account best interests of the child when considering internal protection alternative

Monday, May 1, 2017

On 1 May 2017, the Dutch Court of Appeal in The Hague decided to grant an appeal to an unaccompanied minor from Iraq, largely relying on the principle of best interests of the child.
The 16-year old Kurdish child of Yezidi ethnicity had been refused asylum in the Netherlands on 29 September 2016 on the grounds that a fragment of his story lacked credibility and that he could return to the Kurdish Autonomous Region (KAR) since his parents still live there. This decision was appealed based, inter alia, on the unsafe and unstable situation in the KAR and that he would not be allowed to enter the KAR without a passport.
The Court stated that according to applicable national guidelines, Yezidi are a vulnerable minority in Iraq and there is no internal protection alternative for minors without family nor for people belonging to a vulnerable minority. It ruled that the decision-makers had not meticulously motivated why this should not be the case for the applicant, especially since the best interest of the child had to be taken into account. Specifically, it ruled that Dutch authorities had not inquired about the availability of sufficient food, clothing, medical care and access to education (elements to be taken into account when considering the best interest of the child and when basing the rejection on the availability of an internal flight alternative). The authorities also did not prove that the child would be allowed in the KAR without a passport.
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