ECtHR - Referral to Grand Chamber M.E. v Sweden (no.71398/12)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Upon a referral request by the applicant, M.E. v Sweden (no. 71398/12) has been accepted for consideration by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. The judgment (summarised in Weekly Legal Update 27 June 2014) concerns a Libyan national who if returned to Libya from Sweden submits that there would be a real risk of persecution and ill-treatment due to his homosexuality.

In its Chamber judgment, the European Court of Human Rights held that the implementation of the expulsion order against M.E. would not give rise to a violation of Article 3 of the Convention. The Court found that there were no substantial grounds for believing the applicant would be subjected to ill-treatment on account of his sexual orientation if he was returned to Libya in order to apply for family reunion with his partner. In its reasoning the Chamber noted that notwithstanding that homosexual acts were punishable under the Libyan Penal Code, there was an absence of public documents evidencing any prosecution. Moreover, the Chamber concluded that based on the applicant’s decision not to reveal his sexual orientation to his family back in Libya, the applicant had made an active choice to live discreetly due to private considerations rather than fear of persecution.

To read the full Chamber judgment please see here.                    

21 November 2014                                      

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