Communicated case against Bulgaria (application nr. 32006/20)

Friday, October 23, 2020

The communicated case of D.I. v. Bulgaria (application nr. 32006/20) concerns an applicant from Kyrgyzstan. He alleges that he was threatened, kidnapped and tortured by Kyrgyz law enforcement agents because of the political activity of his father and his own political beliefs. In January 2020, he applied for international protection in Bulgaria and this procedure is still pending. In the meantime, an  international arrest warrant was issued against the applicant and his family. Initially, the Regional Court of Varna refused to authorise the applicant’s extradition due to a risk of violation of Articles 3 and 6 ECHR in the event of the extradition to Kyrgyzstan. However, an appeal court allowed the extradition and the applicant is currently awaiting to be extradited.
The European Court of Human Rights asks the parties whether Mr. D.I. risks being exposed to treatment  contrary to Article 3 ECHR, in case he is extradited to Kyrgyzstan. 
Based on an unofficial translation by the EWLU Team

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