Committee of Ministers decisions on the execution of asylum-related judgments

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Committee of Ministers adopted a number of decisions regarding the execution of the ECtHR judgments during its 1288th meeting (6-7 June 2017).

Regarding M.S.S. and Rahimi v. Greece groups, the Committee took note of Greece’s current efforts to cope with the unprecedented number of asylum applications, but invited the Greek authorities to cooperate with other stakeholders to elaborate a plan for the registration and processing of asylum applications, and to develop a strategy to secure the full protection of unaccompanied minors. It also called on Greece to improve detention conditions in all detention facilities where migrants and asylum seekers are held, including by providing adequate health-care services.

On the execution of Sharifi and others v. Italy, the Committee was not satisfied with the information provided by the Italian authorities and called them to provide, by the end of September 2017, the information on the current organisation and functioning of the migrant reception and procedural system in the ports of the Adriatic Sea and to confirm that they have stopped transferring to Greece persons who seek international protection in Italy.

On the execution of judgments from the M.A. v Cyprus group, the Committee was overall satisfied with the individual and general measures taken following the decision, but invited the authorities to keep the Committee informed of all relevant developments in this regard and to submit an updated action plan by 1 December 2017.


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